Private Wealth Management for New Heights

Go higher. It’s what those of us do once we’ve achieved a certain level of success. There are new passions, challenges, and limitless possibilities to explore within this one lifetime we have.

homePageChesney & Company Private Wealth Management has been partnering with successful individuals and their families since 1996. Our role is advisory in nature and we want to help you create the unique financial and investment strategy that positions your wealth to serve your goals.

Fifteen years of experience serving affluent clients gives us a unique ability to understand the needs and the challenges of managing complex financial situations. We understand the constraints of time, and recognize that investing money successfully is not the same as making it.

Superior wealth planning is strategic (long-term and big picture) in nature and process-driven. It is best enacted when emotion is removed from the plan. We recognize that our client needs a partner and a financial arm, not a boilerplate binder. We’ve built our trusted reputation on our disciplined, cyclical, modular financial planning and portfolio management process. Our fully transparent, fee-only compensation structure ensures we are both working toward the same end point and that your success is our success.

Continue to lead your enjoyable life, expand your horizons, and fulfill your philanthropic goals. Opportunity calls.

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