Our Difference

At Chesney & Company, we place the highest value on the planning process, and believe with absolute conviction that wealth planning, not investment planning, is the key to long-term financial success.

Many years ago we made a commitment to stick to our philosophy and accept only those clients who share it. And our philosophy is this: building secure wealth isn’t about creating an investment portfolio of stocks and bonds. Rather, it’s in planning and constructing a galaxy of elements, each of which plays a role in the security of the whole.

It’s something that simply cannot be achieved by using only one or two moving parts. A first class plan has multiple layers of moving elements,and each of these, when done well, differencepagemoves harmoniously like an orchestration. Focusing solely on investment management is a bit like trying to pick a few stars out of the galaxy, believing that you can achieve a good result. It simply doesn’t work.

Although we live in a world where the term diversification is often synonymous with selecting investments, we view it in a much more nuanced way. Diversification is the fundamental principle applied when building a solid wealth plan, so that it:

  • Deploys your income in a manner that accommodates savings, minimizes taxes, and plans for the maintenance, repair and replacement of assets
  • Determines the right amount and right kind of insurance protection
  • In the investment strategy, uses time, liquidity, and risk to your advantage
  • Optimizes your debt to asset ratio
  • Protects a business against disability or premature death
  • Prioritizes the multiple goals of safety and lifestyle maintenance along with aspirations

Superior wealth planning starts by putting all of the available options onto the palette and then, like a work of art, putting the colors to work. When looked at in this light you can’t fail to see that leaving out the blues, for example, without a good reason, can’t ultimately result in a total picture.

At Chesney Company, we believe that the essence of superior wealth planning is the optimization of capital. It is for this reason that we consider ourselves not portfolio managers or investment advisors, but personal balance sheet analysts.

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