Sheila M. Chesney

Sheila M. ChesneyPrincipal


Sheila M. Chesney is the sole principal of Chesney & Company. She started the firm in 1996 following more than two decades in a variety of marketing and finance roles initially with IBM and later with the IBM Credit Corporation. The fundamental philosophy underpinning Chesney & Company’s Wealth Management process emanates from the conviction that successful personal wealth management (just like successful business management) starts with a dedicated focus on building and maintaining an exceptional balance sheet. More than a quarter of a century in the world of technology has led to Chesney & Company’s unparalleled technology platform. Chesney & Company was well ahead of the curve in establishing a ‘virtual’ business dedicated to serving the busy, successful business owner with sophisticated wealth management at an attractive cost.

Education and Credentials

Sheila M. Chesney achieved a B.A. degree in Psychology with minors in both Business and Chemistry from the College of Mt. St. Vincent, NY in 1974. She completed 16 credits toward a M.A. degree in Psychology at Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT. She successfully passed Level I (of III) of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1997 and later than year completed the requirements for the Certified Financial Planner® designation. She received the Master of Science degree in Financial Planning in 2003 from the College of Financial Planning, Denver, CO. In 2007 she received the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (SM) designation. She is continuing to pursue achievement of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation as time permits.

Role and Responsibility

Sheila M. Chesney is the firm’s principal, strategist, portfolio manager and Chief Compliance Officer. Her primary role is the creation of the client’s strategic plan and portfolio implementation in support of the client’s goals. As the portfolio manager she undertakes the research, analysis and due diligence for all investments. As the Chief Compliance Officer she oversees the firm’s compliance with SEC regulations.


Sheila is committed to lifelong learning. She and her husband enjoy a very active lifestyle including cycling, swimming, tennis, and equestrian sport and share their lives with three Labrador Retrievers – Honey, Katie and Jake. From a professional standpoint, Sheila pursues study in strategic thinking, option investing and analysis and investment analysis. On a personal level she enjoys learning about healthy eating and living for both people and animals and international travel.