Charlotte R. Murrell

Charlotte R. MurrellPortfolio Administrator


Charlotte Murrell joined Chesney & Company following a six year stint as the manager of M&W Showcase Lighting & Design. Her prior experience in bookkeeping and data management positioned her to take on the role of Portfolio Administrator for Chesney & Company.

Education and Credentials

Charlotte ran her own bookkeeping / accounting service, Murrell Accounting Group, prior to joining Chesney & Company.

Role and Responsibility

Charlotte handles every single aspect of portfolio reconciliation and data management. This is a substantial effort given our significant private investment positions which necessitate weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual manual data entry. She expertly oversees the Schedule K-1 process which includes the receipt of almost a thousand Schedule K-1s each year saved electronically and remitted to our client’s CPAs. Charlotte is the point of contact with the firm for National Advisors Trust Company. She is currently learning the trade execution process.


Charlotte shares her life with a menagerie of pets including Maggie (Magnolia Blossom), her German Shepard, Peep Peep, a hand-raised peacock, Sweet Pea, an abandoned fawn, three horses and two cats. She is a wealth of information on taking care of hurt or abandoned animals and has raised flying squirrels, grey squirrels, opossums and raccoons in her home. She once harbored an injured bald eagle in her master bath until she could get it to the raptor center in Charleston. She is active with the Beaufort chapter of Relay For Life.