AffiliatesConsider It Done, Jacksonville, TX
Jessica L. Riner, Principal
Jamie McDonald

Since 2003, Consider It Done has handled administrative functions for Chesney & Company. We are proud to say that we were the 2nd client of their firm and have enjoyed and benefitted immensely from this relationship over the past decade. The firm was started by Jessica L. Riner to provide "virtual assistant" support for financial advisory firms. She was a visionary in seeing that outsourced services would fill a critical role in the business of the future.

AffiliatesSoulsby Account Group, Akron, OH
Tracy Soulsby, CPA, Principal
Sarah Haas

Chesney & Company has been ably supported in the area of bookkeeping and payroll by Soulsby Accounting Group since 2003. Tracy Soulsby's vision of "the accountant down the hall, without the hall" was, and is, a perfect fit for Chesney & Company's virtual business model. Soulsby takes the non-core function of bookkeeping and payroll from us keeping us financially sound and interfacing with our operating financial institution, our CPA and our Third Party Administrator.