Goal planning, at its core, is an effort in determining the most effective deployment of a limited resource – capital.

At Chesney & Company, our role is to ensure that your wealth is protected effectively, and that the income and profit that comes from your professional activity and assets is most opportunistically deployed to grow wealth in line with your goals.

No plan can be stronger than its foundation; therefore, the basis of our wealth planning starts with building your foundational safety net. It is the critical piece that allows your plan to withstand anything that the economy, markets and lifestyle changes can throw at it.

ChesneyProcessOur 360-degree process continually assesses the health of your plan from eight angles:

  • Your Personal Goals.
    Identifying what you want your wealth to do for you.
  • Effective Wealth Allocation.
    Determining your needs across your foundational safety net, current lifestyle, and aspirations.
  • Asset Protection.
    Assessing life insurance, catastrophic risk coverage, and creating a business protection strategy.
  • Income Analysis.
    Reviewing income and trends, creating spending projections and major purchase plans, minimizing taxes, optimizing benefits, and protecting against disability.
  • Debt Strategy.
    Developing and implementing a philosophy, and maximizing your credit score.
  • Investment Planning.
    Designing a plan that aligns with your wealth goals, and creating the investment policy to drive portfolio construction and monitoring.
  • Estate Planning.
    Establishing your goal, aligning key legal instruments, planning for incapacity and/or elder care, protecting children, creating appropriate trusts and a charitable mission.
  • Portfolio Strategy.
    Analyzing your current portfolio, articulating your goals-based strategy, developing a roadmap with short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations, establishing benchmarks, and monitoring, reviewing, and communicating results.

Since we only accept six to eight new client engagements a year, our clients benefit from a unique level of focus, dedication, and customization that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

Our investment approach is that of an active manager. We design portfolios to meet the needs of the very long-term investor, providing a blend of traditional, indirect investments such as stocks, bonds, and cash with best of breed private investments, including real estate, commodities, tangibles and private equity, among others. Fueled by our independence and commitment to research and analysis, we can go anywhere to find the optimal return on capital.

Our fully transparent, fee-only compensation structure ensures we are partners together and that your success is our success.

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